<gabo> Hello, Dear students and professors

<Eugenio> yes

<gabo> Today, April 23 on the international Language Day, we have gathered to honor two great writers:

<gabo> Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

<Teresita> maite where are you?

<gabo> Please, we are starting the session

<gabo> Hello, Dear students and professors

<gabo> Today, April 23 on the international Language Day, we have gathered to honor two great writers:

<gabo> Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

<gabo> We are holding this special session within the Student's Scientific Virtual Workshop.

<gabo> Our main objective in this Chat Session is to communicate in English.

<gabo> As you are aware, English is the main language for communication in the world.

<gabo> This is a unique chance to communicate with others in English.

<gabo> For this purpose, several important topics have been chosen:

<gabo> - Crosscultural aspects in language learning.

<gabo> - A socio cultural quiz.

<gabo> - Idioms and Neologisms from the net and we would like to have your comments, opinions and ideas about it

<gabo> (written in English)

<gabo> But if you think you can not fully say what you really mean, please do not hesitate to say it in Spanish.

<gabo> Do not miss this chance. Learn and have fun in English. Enjoy and Be happy /

<Drayodu> Maite you are the best donīt worried about your spelling so do it like me only with my face . Please excuse all the experts

<gabo> It is time for your comments on this

<gabo> Communicating in English is giving you another opportunity to express new ideas

<Mercedes> Come on! Letīs communicate ideas!

<Maite> Uf its not easy!!!!!

<gabo> Soemtimes when you communicate with people, they may have different ways or manners.

<Teresita> comunicating in english is not so difficult come on try

<Mercedes> Maite, itīs easy I know you like English

<Paul> What kind of activities have you achieved to celebrate this important day ?

<Maite> Yess, but... imīafraid do it bad

<gabo> I know it is not easy to write in English but If you try hard, you can make it.

<Teresita> dont worry

<Mercedes> The most important thing is that you write.

<Luis> Hi

<Mercedes> Are you Luis from Pinar del Río?

<Luis> Noo Im from havana

<gabo> Well,I should give you a hint. Suppose you are talking with a foreigner, do you think that knowing English is enough to understand him perfectly?

<shadow> i like english but the gramar is very difficult for me

<charlie> hi luis .how are you?

<charlie> i dont think so

<gabo> Grammar is only part of English,people may understand what you say

<charlie> hi juan how are you?

<gabo> The main thing is to communicate.

<shadow> did you never has problems to understand the english when you was young?

<gabo> Welcome juanc to our English Speaking chat

<Mercedes> Juan, Hi Do you know Iīm from Ciego de Avila too, but Iīve been living in Havana for many years.

<gabo> Yes we all have problems to understand when we start, but the main thing is to begin

<juanc> thank you, and good afternoon to all of you

<Mercedes> I would like to eat a Mc Donnal now

<Teresita> macdonal how areyou?

<charlie> sometimes but i like the english

<charlie> me too

<gabo> People are not born with knowledge, people learn from others, you must always try,

<shadow> well i think i have to dedicate it more time, but i don't haveit very mouch

<Paul> hello for all of you !!!

<shadow> hello paul

<charlie> why?

<juanc> today we are goint abut what??

<gabo> I am pretty sure you will all master English if you practice more and more often

<juanc> sorry, to talk

<charlie> welcome paul

<shadow> hey Eugenio what's up?

<Mercedes> Juanc: Where do you study and who is your teacher of English?

<charlie> no problems

<charlie> good question

<juanc> hello maite, dbrito senīt regart to you

<shadow> i will see, thanks for the advice

<charlie> you are very silent eugenio

<Teresita> what is happening toyou mac?

<gabo> When you are dealing with a foreign language, try to understand the general idea, not word by word

<juanc> well aīm not studied english at all

<shadow> o.k

<charlie> where is eugenio?

<shadow> neither am i juanc

<Mercedes> Juanc, if you donīt study English, so what do you do for a liviong?

<Eugenio> it is true it is that I am speaking in private

<Eugenio> charlie

<Eugenio> it is true it is that I am speaking in private

<charlie> yes?

<Eugenio> yes

<charlie> yes what?

<Maite> Welcome sergio

<charlie> welcome sergio

<shadow> hi sergio

<sergio> hello everybody

<charlie> hi lity

<gabo> Let me just tell you, I have got an interesting sociocultural quiz for you all.

<Mercedes> Hello sergio

<Teresita> hi sergio itis nice to have you here

<gabo> this is part of the chat and I would like your answers

<juanc> well, Iīm just have been studing medicine for about 6 year

<shadow> hello tatianan

<tatiana> hello

<charlie> hi are you?

<gabo> I have an interesting sociocultural quiz

<charlie> what are you doing?

<tatiana> fine.are you

<charlie> very good

<gabo> The saying "Do in Rome as the Romans do" applies to all fields. Your actions and behavior may spoil (echar a perder)

<gabo> your good intentions if you do not know of some peopleīs cultural traditions.

<gabo> If you believe you are ready to face difficult situations, let me know./

<charlie> do you live in granma?

<juanc> and heīll stay with as in a couple of minute

<Maite> thanks juanc

<charlie> what do you do?

<juanc> ok

<shadow> hi ache

<shadow> hi ache

<Teresita> think about the quiz

<charlie> what about the farmacology?

<gabo> Please find quiz 1 and give me an aHAT DO YOU SAY OR DO IN THESE SITUATIONS?

<gabo> 1. You are working for SERVIMED in an international clinic. You have got a Japanese patient

<gabo> When you talk to him and he says nothing and nods his head (asentir con la cabeza), What does he mean?

<gabo> a) I understand

<gabo> b) I agree

<gabo> c) Yesnswer

<Maite> Please, I need you dont use the pivates, please...

<charlie> are you there tatiana?

<juanc> ok mercedes why are you so quiet

<juanc> ??

<shadow> c

<gabo> I have only got an answer.

<Eugenio> c

<Maite> Please, I need you dont use the pivates, please...Its important you talk in the cannel

<shadow> it isn't c teacher

<Mercedes> Iīm trying to follow the ideas of the quizz

<gabo> What does the Japanese mean?

<Eugenio> c

<juanc> a person who live in japan

<Teresita> i would like to know what do you think about cultural influences in english?

<gabo> Well, the correct answer is (a) When a Japanese nods his head he only means he understands what you say.

<charlie> its an interesting topic

<gabo> Let's go to the next

<shadow> o.k

<charlie> hi tatiana

<gabo> 2. You have just spilled (derramado) some antiseptic fluid on a patient's dress.

<gabo> Do you say_

<gabo> a) Excuse me

<gabo> b) Donīt worry

<shadow> a

<Mercedes> Good!

<Eugenio> a

<Drayodu> Do some of you know teacher Pepe from las Tunas ?

<Ester> a

<Paul> This workshop seems to be very interesting !!!!

<gabo> 2. You have just spilled (derramado) some antiseptic fluid on a patient's dress.

<gabo> Do you say_

<gabo> a) Excuse me

<gabo> b) Donīt worry

<gabo> c) Sorry

<Teresita> it os

<shadow> c

<Ester> c

<shadow> c

<Eugenio> c

<charlie> you are write

<gabo> Sorry i did not send the whole information.

<gabo> Yes, you are all right. Sorry is to apologize

<charlie> welcome

<Paul> Hola Daphnee !!!! Itīs been a long time since I saw you for the last time !!!!

<gabo> Now the next question.

<gabo> 3. One of your foreign patients is overweight. He should avoid eating food late at night.

<gabo> Do you know In which country it is common to go out to eat after 10 p.m?

<gabo> a) UK b)Sweden c)Japan d) Spain

<charlie> how do you feel today?

<Ester> d

<Mercedes> OK

<charlie> b

<Maite> d

<Eugenio> d

<Teresita> ok

<shadow> d

<shadow> d

<charlie> d

<gabo> You are improving a lot. Good!

<Eugenio> this is really difficult.

<shadow> the next please

<gabo> 4. You are posted for a mission in Asia. You are in the pediatric consultation office.

<charlie> say something

<gabo> In which country would it be a grave insult to touch a child on the head?

<gabo> a) Thailand b) Japan c) Pakistan d) Iraq

<Teresita> dontsay it

<shadow> c

<shadow> c

<Eugenio> a

<Maru> *

<Mercedes> OK

<charlie> a

<gabo> It is not a matter of English but of cultural aspects we sometimes do not know

<shadow> what is the country?

<gabo> The correct answer is (a) You will offend people if you put your hand on the head.

<Drayodu> c

<Drayodu> c

<shadow> i'll see

<Drayodu> c

<shadow> the next please

<Maru> Hi freinds.Today i can talk to you and i am very happy for that

<gabo> Yes, Here I am

<charlie> be patient

<gabo> 5. A nurse colleague is sent to work in Saudi Arabia.

<gabo> She wants to know which hand she should use to pass food or give medicines to patients.

<gabo> a) The right hand b) The left hand c) either hand/

<juanc> ey people iīll be away for a couple of minute, donīt be sat, ok

<charlie> a

<charlie> hi tatiana

<gabo> Well it has been interesting to see your responses. But the truth is we all need a sociocultural training course.

<shadow> i'll be back wait for me

<gabo> Please read the following ideas on intercultural aspects


<gabo> As the world gets smaller, we need to learn more about other people's values, beliefs, habits and expectations.

<gabo> Culture is, in a general sense, the way we do things and it is very important when dealing with a foreigner.

<gabo> When talking to a foreigner in English there are some important crosscultural issues in which there are variations in behavior in different cultures.

<gabo> Can you think of any?/

<charlie> what are you doing tatiana?

<charlie> whats up?

<Maru> *I want to talk with anyone of you. My english is bad .

<gabo> Have you ever thought of things you do which are different from what others do?

<charlie> why do you say that?

<gabo> Even people from havana sometimes act slightly different than people from Pinar

<gabo> It means our cultural patterns are different.

<gabo> So you can imagine, if we are different inside Cuba, what about when meeting people from other countries.

<Paul> Is there anybody from Camaguey in this channel ????

<Maru> Maite could you tell me if i am doing this well or not.

<Maite> You are do it very well!!!!

<gabo> Culture is a way of acting and believing.

<charlie> wait for me ,i will be here in a few minutes

<Maru> Thanks you.

<gabo> What about this aspect_Aspects such as:

<gabo> Conversations: Formal or informal?

<gabo> Proximity when talking to someone.

<gabo> How far should you be from the person you are talking to?.

<gabo> Body language and gestures. Does this help or not?/

<juanc> hi again

<juanc> start over

<Maite> Please, I need you dont use the pivates, please...Its important you talk in the channel

<Mercedes> Think on Gaboīs questions and say something.

<juanc> sorry

<Teresita> what about eye conyacy ,what do you think about that?

<Maite> Its very importanttttt

<Maite> for all comunication

<Paul> Gabo, you mean realia or mimicry.

<Teresita> Imean eye contact ,ok

<Mercedes> What about gestures, whatīs your opinion?

<gabo> Maybe you have not had time to consider this.But you will realize how necessary it is

<Maite> mimicry??

<gabo> Not only eye contact, but also proximity. How far you are from the person you are talking to.

<gabo> There are some others. Let us just write them all

<Teresita> what about the use of the hands too,think about it

<Mercedes> Are excessive gestures always necessary?

<Eugenio> nop

<Paul> Gestures is an useful way when your vocabulary isnīt too wide. It can help you in your dialogues and conversations... but what do you do if that problems takes place in a wiriting exchange ( I mean chatting )

<gabo> People from the North (nordic, Northern Europeans and US) tend to move the hand very little when talking

<gabo> But people from the south (latinos, arabs, italians, spaniards) move the hands a lot

<Maite> we move our hands to much

<gabo> It is not a matter they are rigjht or we are wrong. It is part of culture. that is the way we express ourselves

<Teresita> donīt forget gestures donīt have the same meaning in all countries

<Mercedes> Good, thatīs what I wanted you to do!

<gabo> Even timing in culture is important. what do you think?

<Maite> and we do gestures with our faces too

<Mercedes> And with our eyes too.

<Maite> yeah

<gabo> Our faces sometimes reflect what we feel.

<Teresita> and with the body too

<gabo> Please reflect on this now

<gabo> Time: Planning. (Do you do things as they come or do you stricktly follow a plan?)

<gabo> Punctuality (how important is it for you?) Do you care much when people arrive late?

<gabo> Holidays ( how much is it respected?)/

<gabo> This is also part of our lives. Think about it and tell me.

<Mercedes> Right, is punctuality important for you or not, what do you think?

<gabo> How late will you expect someone tpo arrive at a meeting? at a wedding? at a formal event?

<shadow> at a meeting

<Chavez> it is very important

<gabo> Arriving early or late is communicating formality to people. You say the way you are.

<Maite> early

<Teresita> good maite

<Maite> i hate arrive late to some palce

<Maite> place

<Chavez> sometimes is impassible to arrive early

<gabo> Will you expect your professors arrive late for the lectures? How will you evaluate their performance

<Teresita> Iknow

<Maite> jajajaja chavez

<Maite> i evaluate bad

<gabo> It is true you can't always arrive on time. But if you make an effort and you discipline yourself, you will arrive early most of the times

<Chavez> if the conditions are anormal

<Maite> true

<Maite> its true

<Ester> I think so

<Mercedes> What do you mean by conditions... Weather conditions?

<gabo> But just moving to another topic. A topic we will surely have different opinions.

<Chavez> transport conditions

<gabo> Can you guess what?

<Ester> come on, answer the question

<gabo> Dressing: For different occasions and settings

<gabo> Formal and informal

<Maite> heyyyy whats up ....I dont see you writer (students at fajardo)

<Eugenio> jaja

<Maite> aja eigenio

<Paul> and if you oversleep

<Maite> eugenio

<Eugenio> this is really difficult.

<gabo> Just say what you think, at least a word if you can not make a sentence

<Ester> Eugenio arrive late every day

<gabo> Welcome Don-JOSE to this English-speaking chat

<Anmy> Hello everyone

<Eugenio> I also prefer to read in these moments

<Eugenio> jajaja

<gabo> Thanks

<Mercedes> Welcome don-jose.

<Maite> this true??



<Ester> maybe

<Maite> dont use capital letters

<gabo> Just to keep on our discussion. What do you think on Dressing.

<shadow> ?

<Mercedes> Don-jose: Are you a student?


<Maite> dont use capital letters

<Ester> What do you do, then?

<gabo> It is a matter of choice, personal taste, fashion or moral conduct!?

<Teresita> thatīs ok i wonīt doit any more

<Maite> i dont understand....

<Maite> please...i need to repet me again

<Ester> yes, repeat

<Ester> please

<gabo> I mean, that if you wear your clothes according to your tastes (gustos) ashion (what is new) or according to what people say.

<gabo> Sorry it should be read Fashion

<shadow> I use my closes according my tastes

<shadow> I use my closes according my tastes

<Mercedes> So do I

<gabo> Different people may have different views on these aspects.

<Teresita> i agree with you

<gabo> These are all important aspects to have into account when communicating with a foreigner.

<gabo> Not because I speak English fairly well it means I will be fully understood.

<gabo> Timing, dressing, formality, eye contact etc. all these are important aspects in communication

<gabo> These are all interesting areas for discussion.

<gabo> We are not judging if it is right or wrong.

<gabo> -What's your opinion?

<gabo> -Do you consider any of these points when talking to a foreigner in English?

<gabo> -Do you think these cultural aspects might influence your attitude and behavior?/

<tatiana> hi charlie

<shadow> hi tatiana

<tatiana> hi charlie

<gabo> Well, if there is no more response I guess we should sign off.

<gabo> Well this is all by now. We have, in a very simple way, honored the Language Day.

<gabo> Thanks for joining us in this chat. We will keep in touch soon.

<gabo> All the best to you all from the 'Manuel Fajardo' School of Medicine English staff.

<gabo> Thanks to the Manuel Fajardo School of Medicine Computer Department for this unique chance.

<Maite> Thankyou to you

<Teresita> thanks for thinking in english good luck to all of you

<Mercedes> Iīve enjoyed a lot!

<gabo> And all my respects to Maite for her great support

<shadow> thanks, for you too

<Chavez> thanks you very much gabo

<gabo> Welcome. Now you are free to continue, either in English or Spanish, Bye.

<Ester> Thanks teacher

<Chavez> that is correct

<Mercedes> Thanks to everybody involved in this chat, specially to the computing teachers and Maite

<Ester> Thanks teachers

<Ester> Barbey, Teresita and Mercedes

<Ester> Garbey, Teresita and Mercedes

<Teresita> without you what would be of us

<Ester> for your excelent activity

<Maite> Thank yoy very

<Mercedes> Did you like the topics?

<Maite> thank you very much

<Anmy> Hello

<Eugenio> *

<Ester> Heloo Anmy

<Eugenio> *

<Ester> come on Eugenio

<Eugenio> I wanted to thank on behalf of the students from the ability Manuel Fajardo to the magnificent professors that today is among us.thank you especially to professors Garvey,Teresita,y to Mercedes

<Ester> Great Eugenio

<Anmy> ester, the other day y losted my comunication

<gabo> Thanks Eugenio, your Globaline English is very good

<Ester> jajaja

<Ester> jajaja

<Ester> jajaja

<Eugenio> jajajajaja

<Maite> jajajajajaja

<Anmy> Pardon, I loss my comunication

<Mercedes> jajajaja

<Maite> Thank very much to professors

<Maite> I enjoy it very much

<Eugenio> thank you again teachers