We can think of the biosphere as consisting of all living things and the watwer, air, soll, and other matter that sorround them - a rather thing layer on the surface of Earth, but in this research we shall emphasize a different viewpoint: not the biosphere as a thing existing in a particular place, but the biosphere as a system of relationship between living things and between matter that sorround them.
We ourselves are a part of the this system. In a special sense we have various kind of relationship we, our parents, our friends and others human beings. But in general sense we have relationship with all thing - living and nonliving- that affect us in any way.
Al existing evidence indicates that the organism we call man has been strand in the web of life not much more than a million years. Yet the evidence from fossils indicates that there has been a biophere for at least there thousand timea million years. If the evidence is correct. Man is a relative newcomer to the biosphere.
Through most of the time in the biosphere, man apparently affectedthe web of life very much as any other organism did. But gradually he learned to use source of energy from outside his ours body. Today he has in his control enormous amounts of energy with which he changes the surface of the earth.
In changing the earth he also tears apart many selections of the web of life. With each increase if his energy suppy, he has had opportunity to increase his knowledge. Mor4e knowledge has led to the discovery of stillmore energy source. And all this has brought about conditions favorable to increasing his own numbers.

Effects of environment on population

Everything outside an organism is its environment. It is convenient to divide the environment into biotic and abiotic parts.
Biotic: Is everything in an organism´s sorrounding that is alive as was recently alive. This and other organisms- human as well as nonhuman are a part of your biotic environment- your father and mother, your clasemate, your dog, etc.
Abriously some of these are more important to you that others.
Since your food is of plant or animal origen, it may also be considered a part of your biotic environment, even though you seldom eat things while they are still alive.
Abiotic: Is mode up of everything in an organism´s sorrounding that is not alive. This incloude such things as soils, weather, and solar radiation.

Air contamination in homes has always been a problem, specially when there isn´t proper ventilation. Here are just a few examples of what you might find if you had the air in yours home analized:

" Formaldehyde - seeps from plywood and other building material in new construction.
" Chemical fumes comes from cleaning products, and dry cleaned clothes.
" Animals danger - comesfrom household pets.
" Cigarrette smoke releases carbon monoxide and a number of known carcinozens into the air.

How are you affected?

Each person´s reation to a specific contaminant may differ. However, some symptoms you might have experienced are:

" Headaches, fatigue, nausea, or diazzseness from carbon monoxide.
" Roshes and skin irritation from cleaning products.
" Respiratory problems from formaldehyde, bacteria, virus, and cigarrette smoke
" Asthma and hayfener in people who are allergie to dustand pet dander.


A homes drinking water suppy is one of source of potential health hazards, specifically if it comes from a private well. Some of the most common drinking water contaminants that can be easily tested include:

" Coliform bacteria( indicales unfillered or poorly filtered)
" Lead in the water suppy. ( long term ingestion of high levels of lead can result in serious health effects, even coma or death)
" Nitrate. (In some infarts less than 6 months old high levels of nitrate in drinking water can cause a condition called "Blue baby Syndrome"

The Quality of the environment.

Man has always been faced with the problem of getting sid of his wastes. At one time this was simply salved by moving to a new cave. But as our number increased, we spread over more and more of the land, as our technology developed, we had more and different types of wastes to get sid of the size of the total environment remained constant, but the amount of undesirable material which man throws off into his atmosphere, spreads over or burries on his land, or dumps into his actual existence is seriously by his contamination of the very environment which has so long sustained him.