Depends on a number of clinical and histologic factors at the times of diagnosis.

According to histology:

· Invasive B.C. has poor prognosis, with them there are less favorable lesions.
· Medullar cancer.
· Invasive lobular cancer.
· Invasive ductal cancer.
· Inflammatory B.C.

According to stage of disease:

· If tumor size is greater, prognosis is worse.

According to clinical characteristics :

· Edema or ulceration of the surrounding skin.
· Umor fixation to the chest waal or overlying skin.
· Satellite skin nodules.
· Inflamatory carcinoma.
· Peaul d´ orange, which is an orange peel.
Consistency of breast skin that results from dermal lymphatic invasion.
· Skin retraction or dimpling of the breast skin, which is due to shortening of tumor involved Cooper's ligaments.
· Involvement of the medial portion of the minor lower quadrant of the breast, which is the last favorable anatomic location for a carcinoma .
· Arm edema.
· Evidence of a distant metastases.