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Tribunal de Inglés

Lunes 6 de mayo del 2002, Servidor IRC: irc.sld.cu, Puerto: 8888, Canal: cev2002-d, Hora 5:00 pm


<mary> Buenas tardes...
<garbey> Greetings to you all
<mary> Vamos a dar inicio a la sesión de hoy.
<mary> Yo soy la Dra. María del Carmen Roque, Miembro del Comité Organizador del Congreso.

<mary> Empezaremos por aclarar como será la organización de la sesión.
<mary> El debate estará dirigido fundamentalmente por el presidente del tribunal.
<lpf> Hi everybody . I`ve been looking at some of the papers presented. I think there could be some more.
<mary> Él dará la palabra a los participantes.
<mary> Los primeros 10 minutos de discusión de cada trabajo será para que el tribunal realice las preguntas que considere necesarias a los autores.
<mary> Luego, y cuando el responsable del tribunal lo considere oportuno, se darán otros 5 minutos al resto de los participantes por si consideran necesario realizar alguna otra pregunta
<mary> Es decir, cada trabajo se discutirá en unos 15 minutos aproximadamente.
<mary> Es importante, tratar de respetar el horario pues debemos aprovechar el tiempo de conexión de los participantes.
<mary> Los resultados finales se darán a conocer en la sesión de clausura el miércoles 15 de mayo a las 5:00 p.m.
<mary> Para el debate, la palabra se pedirá con un asterisco *, y al finalizar su exposición se colocará un slash / para conocer que usted concluyó.

<mary> En el día de hoy, llevaremos a cabo la discusión final de los Trabajos de los Estudiantes presentados en el Tribunal # 11 de Inglés
<mary> Este tribunal ha estado integrado por
<mary> presidiendo el tribunal
<mary> Lic. Eduardo Garbey Savigne,
<mary> Profesor Auxiliar, Licenciado en Lengua Inglesa, Asesor del Vicerector de Investigaciones, Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana , Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
<mary> Como miembros del tribunal, contamos con
<mary> Lic. Jorge Fernández García
<mary> Profesor Auxiliar, Licenciado en Lengua Inglesa, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas "Celia Sánchez Manduley". Granma, Cuba
<mary> Lic. Cecilia Valdés Menéndez,
<mary> Profesor Asistente, Licenciado en Lengua Inglesa, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas "Salvador Allende", Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
<mary> Lic. Mercedes Aluart Rodríguez
<mary> Instructora, Licenciado en Lengua Inglesa, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas "Cmdte Manuel Fajardo", Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

<mary> Los Trabajos que se discutirán serán:
<mary> The case report: a way to improve the basic vocabulary in ESP
<mary> Lien Mazorra Acosta (1er año Estomatología)
<mary> Inma Noriega Sariol (1er año Estomatología)
<mary> Facultad de Estomatología de Camagüey, Cuba
<mary> Breast Cancer Learning how to deal with this medical problem
<mary> Jorge Luis Anaya González (4to. Año de Medicina)
<mary> Ronnie Lombana Felizola (5to año Medicina)
<mary> Reinolky A. Pérez Frontela (5to año Medicina)
<mary> Judith Castro Ballester (5to año Medicina)
<mary> Facultad de Ciencias Médicas "Enrique Cabrera", Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

<mary> Sin más le damos la palabra al presidente del tribunal
<mary> Profesor Eduardo Garbey.../

<garbey> Gracias Mary. As this is the English board, let us start with English. Once again, I would like to say thank you to all participants. I am very pleased to chair this session
<garbey> I have thought of two or three questions which will be valid for both papers now.
<garbey> But to follow the regulations I would like to start with the paper on Breast cancer
<garbey> Is there any student from that team, to answer the questions?
<garbey> I see no reply. Shall I ask the team on Case report then?
<garbey> Anyone from the Case report paper?
<garbey> If there is no one from the selected paper, I would like to give the floor to any of the professors who read and analyzed the paper for some comments
<lpf> *Prof Luis M Febles FCM Julio Trigo López. There is a group of teachers and doctors who want to know if this papaer is a bibliographical revision or a students`experience/
<garbey> I will be pleased to give the floor to Mercedes Aluart.
<mercy> +
<mercy> thanks
<mercy> amy I?
<yaco> hello, here are the students of the Breast cancer work
<mercy> excuse me, may I?
<garbey> Yes, you may.
<mercy> I think the paper on Breast cancer is not just a bibliographic revision only
<yaco> OK
<mercy> but also, a kind of research
<yaco> yes, you are rigth
<yaco> thanks
<mercy> because there are real statistical figures on the paper I checked with experts on the case
<mercy> ok, yako, are you one of the students of this paper?
<garbey> Is there anyone from the selected papers in this session?
<mercy> for example, when you refer to the % of negative mammograms
<febles> *Prof Garbey. A group pf teachers and doctors are following the discussion of breast Cancer. Dr Ivis castillo and Diana Vega ask if this a revision or a student`s personal experience.
<febles> *Prof Garbey. A group pf teachers and doctors are following the discussion of breast Cancer. Dr Ivis castillo and Diana Vega ask if this a revision or a student`s personal experience./
<febles> *Prof Garbey. A group pf teachers and doctors are following the discussion of breast Cancer. Dr Ivis castillo and Diana Vega ask if this is a revision or a student`s personal experience./
<garbey> I guess, that the two selected papers have some value and it is my interest that the authors shall explain all they did.
<cecilia> hola
<cecilia> Hi, I´M back
<garbey> With regards to the mentioned paper on Breast cancer, as Prof. Mercedes said it is mostly a bibliographic revision, but it has included some research
<mercy> It´s a combination of both, bibliographic revission and data found on personal experinece and interest
<mercy> it´s my viewpoint
<garbey> The important thing over here is the input this paper might have for the learning of English,
<garbey> The students have shown somehow they have integrated all their learning in this paper.
<garbey> Although we do not disregard the content, our main aim in this paper in English is the integration of skills. Not the medical or scientific issue
<mer> sorry my pc turned disconnected!
<garbey> When we have this sort of discussion it is important to listen (better say read) what the authors have had in mind
<garbey> To read whatb their objectives are and see how they will implement the idea
<garbey> It is a pity that the members of the two papers are not present today.
<yaco> yes, we are present.
<mer> It really is
<mer> +
<garbey> If there is anyone who would like tpo make comments on any of the two papers now?
<yaco> Jorge Luis Anaya and Reinolky Perez are here.
<mer> *
<yaco> Thanks for your ideas about our work (Breast Cancer)
<garbey> If they are in, why don't they answer?
<yaco> answer what?
<garbey> I would like to invite anyone to give his or her comments on the papers if you read it.
<garbey> This is a exchange chat session. All we need is participation from those involved in the papers
<garbey> Sorry for missing the' n' in an exchange chat session
<yaco> k, We think this topic is very important becouse today the breast cancer is increasing and
<yaco> it's one of the firts causes of woman death.
<yaco> what do you think?
<mer> let me ask you a question ,yako
<yaco> And that's why we think is very important that the students and doctors Known about this topic.
<yaco> Ok, ask me.
<mer> When you write about mortality, did you look for statistical figures or you based your information only on your experiences?
<garbey> That's right, but I would like to ask the students how do they think the teachers of English should approach or teach this important topic
<garbey> I guess the two questions are OK. I will give the Breast Cancer members some time to answer them.
<yaco> mer- we based in bouth and in the experience of our hospital.
<yaco> garbey- this topic is in the 4th year student's english book, but I think it is a little old.
<garbey> What do you mean a little old?
<mer> ok, do you assist many cases of breast cancer in your hospoital?
<mer> old?
<yaco> we think this material is an important constribution for our teachers to current out new information.
<yaco> this book is from 1979, and this topic have new information and changes about diagnosis and treatment that is not included in the book.
<garbey> As a student, do you expect your teachers to give you more or less information on Breast cancer? Do you expect your teacher to be updated on the information, then?
<mer> *
<yaco> yes, in the Dr. Chacón department. we work together becouse we like this topic.
<yaco> he is a breast especialist.
<garbey> Go ahead Mer
<mer> thanks
<yaco> always remember that our hospital is not an oncologycal hospital, but we see some cases weekly.
<garbey> Prof Mer go ahead
<mer> just I want to tell them that one of the most important facts about the paper is that presents up-date information thay they need for their studies
<garbey> By the way, has anyone from the Case report paper joined in? There are lots of breakdowns. Sorry again but it is out of our hands.
<mer> it´s a pity they lost connection
<yaco> we are here again
<yaco> sorry, the machine was diconected
<garbey> Thanks my goodness!
<mer> welcome again!
<yaco> we did not receive the last question
<yaco> plkease, send it again
<yaco> please.
<mer> I was telling you that one of the fact I liked most is that you included new information in a topic that is studied in classes
<garbey> I myself asked you if you expected that your English teachers should be updated on this issue or not?
<mer> sorry, facts
<yaco> mer- in this moment we are working in the actualization of the treatment that appear in the book.
<mer> Good!
<yaco> we are making this true a web page.
<yaco> like a additional material for the teachers and the students
<yaco> and we will put it in our faculty intranet.
<mer> I´ll write to you later, I like the topic
<garbey> Ok, we are almost reaching the end of this session. Is there anything you would like to ask me?
<yaco> garbey- our teachers are very interesed in this topic becouse remember thta they aren't doctors and for that
<yaco> reasonn they like the idea a lot.
<yaco> thanks mer
<garbey> Thanks a lot Yaco, Is there anything you would like to ask me now?
<yaco> Ok, thanks mer, I think it's very important too.
<yaco> I only want to ask if you think that the work is interesting, this you like it?
<yaco> what do you think about it?
<yaco> remember that we are jorge luis and reinolky, not yaco.
<garbey> Personally, I liked the paper. I think it is interesting. I guess this kind of paper should be presented in the Students's scientific workshops in your School of medicine, in English of course.
<yaco> well, this is the end?
<mer> but I can write to you to the e-mail that appears in the paper, Can´t I?
<yaco> Ok, thanks garbey.
<mer> I think so
<yaco> yes, you can write us to guessrey@infomed.sld.cu
<yaco> this is our mail.
<mer> ok
<yaco> this is the end?

<mary> Bueno estimados compañeros
<mary> Les recordamos que los resultados finales se darán a conocer en la sesión de clausura el miércoles 15 de mayo a las 5:00 p.m.
<yaco> Gracias profesora.
<mary> Y los invitamos a participar en las discusiones finales que se llevaran a cabo el miércoles 8 de mayo a las 5:00 p.m.
<yaco> Muy interesante, gracias a los profesores también.
<mary> Ese día sesionarán:
<yaco> nos vemos allí.
<mary> Tribunal # 16: Neurología y neurocirugía,
<mary> Tribunal # 13: Medicina Interna,
<mary> Tribunal # 12: Medicina General Integral,
<mary> Tribunal # 19: Psicología y Psiquiatría
<mary> Tribunal # 1: Cirugía
<mary> Tribunal #20: Anatomía Patológica
<mary> Los trabajos que se llevarán a estas sesiones se publicarán mañana martes antes del mediodía.
<mary> Muchas Gracias.
<mary> Y saludos para todos./
<garbey> Gracias mary por todo
<yaco> hasta luego.



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